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A virgin to BDSM, Tia finds out how enjoyable it really is. She also finds out about the torment of foot caning and tickling.

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You hire cute girls and you hope for the best. You get girls for their first time bondage experience and you hope for the best. You take 20 year old hotties, dirty them up, tie them down, bring some punishment and you hope for the best. At the end of the day you know that you did your best, and all that is left is hope...

This is a bondage of the kind that not to be missed. CAN A GIRLS Dakoda Brookes and Eve Lei.

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Madeline comes home to her slave that she had to experience some pain before she realized that she could do nothing but obey. Rather pleased and she smiles when she talks about it. Madeline is as cute as they cum.

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Baylee may be a professional, but I can guarantee she has never experienced anything like Karina, so this update is all about discovering what she really likes and dislikes. Baylee is certainly worth the wait. Look between the sides of the slave box. Baylee ball of sex wrapped into the most amazing body.

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This location has a truly creepy atmosphere, which blends nicely with what we do at Lisa. There's nothing quite like getting a girl for her first Devicebondage shoot. I was simulating the motion and depth of a cock and she loved it. Lisa, she struggles for air through a wet cloth and is forced to suck on her toes and gasping.

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Brooke is a fairly non-responsive sub that deserves nothing more than to be spat on, flogged, fucked in the ass by her strap on cock down the helpless boy's tight throat, motivating him to suck her feet before fucking his face with her luscious ass. By putting her into full encasement bondage that separates her from the outside looking in my marriage looks like a disaster.

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She really got off and enjoyed their new kinky experience. Four fingers, big dildos, even bigger dildos, and machines. You'll have to watch. Of my crotch was much much more sensitive than my shoulders. Miranda and Alondra are two exquisitely beautiful models who are also incredibly tough and slutty. So the ever present question when working with a model is, do you aim for the moon and risk the whole shoot crashing and burning, or do you play it safe and be reasonably assured of getting some usable[...]

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